Monday, September 18, 2017

Rotarians Provide Safe Water in Myanmar

When the water RISES, the Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties RISES to assist.  One of the six areas of focus that Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation supports is water and sanitation. Thousands of children and adults die annually from water borne illnesses.  

In August 2015, Cyclone Komen hit the countries of India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.  More than 1 million people were displaced. The cyclone moved inland up to the Chin State of Myanmar causing devastating landslides and flooding the regions of Sagaing, Magwe, Ayeyarwaddy, and Rakhine States.  With the news of the fatalities and the need for clean water, the Rotary Club of Yangon jumped into action to help rebuild and provide one of life’s most crucial resources, safe water.

The Rotary Club of Yangon reached out to The Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties, and other Rotary clubs and Districts throughout world.  The Rotary Foundation funded a Global Grant for $84,640 to fund the construction of ten clean water systems throughout the village of Magyibinzu in the Ayeyarwaddy Division of Myanmar.  Of the total amount, the Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties contributed $2,000 and Rotary District 6910 contributed $1,000 towards the grant. 

The village, with a population of 2000, had been without water since the cyclone hit in 2015.  During the monsoon season, flooding occurs quite frequently leaving low lying areas with little access to clean and uncontaminated water.  Half of the village is under waist deep water during monsoon season, leaving their wells with water that is not safe to drink.

The Sawyer PointOne filtered water systems are built with nearly five foot platforms to avoid being under water during the rainy season. The village monks and villagers will constantly monitor the systems.  Each family will receive two, ten-liter water tanks with cover and tap for collecting clean water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.  The filters remove bacteria, protozoa, and viruses borne from unclean water.  A total of 700 bottles were distributed.  Each household will pay a very minimum sum each month so a full-time person will manage and maintain all the pumps and filters daily.  The Rotary Club of Yangon will visit the village every six months for three years to survey the systems to assure maintenance. 

Rotary makes amazing things happen!  Rotarians help develop, fund, and maintain sustainable water and sanitation systems, provide access and support programs, and create the resources to facilitate, measure and enhance the quality of life for under-developed countries in the world.  For more information on how to get involved with all the amazing work Rotary International is doing around the world visit

Submitted by Laura Dent - Rotary Club of Greene & Putnam Counties, Public Relations Chair

Sunday, September 10, 2017

District 6910 Governor Message-Sept 2017

Deep in our hearts is Texas 
As this is being written cleanup efforts are underway in Houston and the surrounding area. There are many ways we can help. Our support of ShelterBox is just one example of how District 6910 is demonstrating we are people of action. Many of our clubs support each year and have been for years.  ShelterBox has set up a Harvey Relief Fund. Mike Freeman, ShelterBox chair for the district, has confirmed 100% of donated funds to Harvey relief will go to the victims of hurricane Harvey.  Please visit the following link to make donations -

How do trees keep you in suspense?
I’ll tell you next month. It is time to start planning. I have asked that one tree be planted for each Rotarian in District 6910. This goal should be easily achievable at a relatively low cost. The entire community will benefit environmentally and financially from each tree.  There are many sources for obtaining trees, based upon the size and species selected, but the “Golden Rule” of tree planting is to choose the right tree for the right place. If your club would like some guidance with your planting project, visit the below website links and/or contact your local electric power provider, many of which offer free trees to be planted.  Additionally, we have speakers available who can provide a program to your club to assist you with your planning.  Please contact Doug Bolton for additional information at (  678-858-2080).

Rotary Means Business
Rotary Means Business encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them.

Rotary Means business is the newest fellowship in Rotary International. The RMB Fellowship provides an opportunity for all Rotarians to network on a global basis to enhance their businesses. 

We encourage any active Rotarian in good standing who is interested in doing business with other Rotarians to join Rotary Means Business Fellowship. 

You have to be odd to be #1

That’s right and District 6910 is not just odd, we are amazing! July 1st through August 31 we have generated the highest “net” member increase for our zone, a total of 53 members. For comparison, the next closest district has an increase of 32. Our goal is a 300 net increase on July 1, 2018. Every single Rotarian in this district is asked to do one thing…find at least one person that will make as good of a Rotarian as you.  
These are the newest members in the RC of Green and Putnam County. Pictured from left to right is Chuck Forbes, Beth Patrick, Kip Dominy, Donna Osborne and Jim Remington.

Yours in Rotary service,
David Cooper

District Governor

Saturday, August 5, 2017

District 6910 Governor Message-July/Aug 2017

Let the visits begin.
Past District Governors all told me the best part of a District Governor’s responsibility is the club visits. I can testify that statement is accurate. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Rotarians in our district and learning about what each club is doing to make a difference this Rotary year. I sincerely appreciate how EVERY club has made me feel like I am one of their own. One problem…This is going way too fast!

I have the nerve to serve.
Clubs that have participated in promoting the Top Guns of Rotary District Conference in Charleston, SC certainly do have the nerve to serve. The Rotary Club of Jasper was especially creative with their video rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic – Glory, glory, hallelujah. Peachtree Corners members were wearing name badges with hilarious call signs on the badges. Gwinnett Sunrise, LaFayette and Covington all had creative displays. Thomson ran an entertaining video loop with music during the socializing part of the meeting. Columbia County West brought in an actual drill sergeant to encourage us to attend the conference. I know why this guy is a drill sergeant! Columbia County were all lined up and wearing aviators as I walked in the room. Top gun music played while we were enjoying breakfast. Washington thought I should be introduced to the REAL deal when club President Boz walked out in full flight gear. All have been posted to Facebook..I am looking forward visiting the next club having fun and promoting the 2018 district conference.

District Governor David "Coop" Cooper enjoying a visit at Rotary Club of Martinez-Evans.

Rotary Club of Columbia County West brought in an actual Drill Sergeant to promote the 2018 'Top Gun' District Conference in Charleston SC.

Rotary Club of Washington's Club President Terry "Boz" Boswell in full flight gear promoting District Conference.

Old ways won’t open new doors.
Saturday, August 12, we will hold the first District 6910 Rotary University. This is a perfect opportunity to help your newer members get more acquainted with Rotary. You can fully expect fresh information will be shared in a creative and interesting fashion. We promise not to disappoint those wanting to bring new ideas back to their clubs. Please register now so that we can plan for the proper amount of seating and food.  Register here.

Life is short… Smile while you still have teeth.
Now that you are smiling, go invite someone to Rotary. August is Membership and Extension month. Share Rotary with someone that will make as good of a Rotarian as you. If you have never sponsored a new member then please do so before you lose your teeth.

Yours in Rotary service,

David Cooper
District Governor

Friday, July 28, 2017


With clearing skies and the rain ending, the Cherokee County Peace Pole was formally unveiled in Canton Rotary Park on May 31. Having been formally dedicated at a Canton Rotary Club indoor program celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the chartering of the Canton club the day before, President Matthew Thomas and President Elect Lynn Epps unwrapped the tarp concealing the Peace Pole.
The four-sided pole, which joins 185,000 peace poles in over 100 countries worldwide, expresses the message of peace -- "May Peace Prevail on Earth" -- in English, Spanish, Cherokee, and Latin. The Spanish reflects the native language of the Hispanic community in Cherokee County; the Cherokee language was spoken by the Cherokee Nation that once lived here; and the Latin reflects the setting of Canton Rotary Park between the Old and New Courthouses in downtown Canton.

The Cherokee County Peace Pole, erected in celebration of the milestone anniversary of the chartering of the Canton Rotary Club on May 20, 1937, is a fitting complement to the Public Safety Memorial erected by the Rotary Club of Canton in 2006 in memory of law enforcement and public safety officers who have fallen in the line of duty. The Peace Pole will be seen by hundreds who gather every year for the 9/11 Never Forget Memorial Service held annually on September 11, and by visitors to the City of Canton who may reflect on peace in Canton Rotary Park.#CantonGARotary

Immediate Past President Matthew Thomas and President Lynn Epps proudly standing with the unveiled Cherokee County Peace Pole in Canton Rotary Park.
"May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Spanish to represent the Hispanic population of Cherokee County.
A  skyward view of the pole to represent the inspirational message of Peace on Earth.

 "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Latin to reflect the pole's placement in Canton Rotary Park between the Old and New Courthouses in downtown Canton.

"May Peace Prevail on Earth" in Cherokee to reflect the Cherokee Nation that once lived here.

 - Submitted by Peter Gleichman, Rotary Club of Canton, Public Image Chair

Friday, June 30, 2017

Rotary District 6910 Governor Final Msg-June 2017

With over 40,000 attendees, our Rotary International Convention in Atlanta was a huge success.  Approximately 700 from our District 6910 attended, and I believe everyone who attended came away renewed and inspired to continue on in our good work, ready to go the final mile to end polio. If you missed it, take advantage of video captured during the convention; visit Even if you were there and saw it live, you might want to see one of the most exciting moments of the convention again. Take a look here: End Polio Now Pledge Highlights.

I'm thrilled to announce that our own Tommy and Chantal Bagwell, Rotary Club of Forsyth County, extended a $1 million challenge gift to End Polio during a meeting with Bill Gates, with the goal of increasing awareness and funding to End Polio. With only six cases of the wild poliovirus year-to-date in 2017, our eye is on zero. The Bagwells, our district's only Arch Klumph Society members, hope that this gift will inspire others to join us in the fight to End Polio.

Chantal and Tommy Bagwell, Rotary Club of Forsyth County, (right) with other Arch Klumph Society members, Rotary International President John Germ, Bill Gates, and Rotary Foundation Trustees Chair Kalyan Banerjee
I want to extend a personal thank you to each of you who have supported The Rotary Foundation during this Centennial year. We have had a record year of giving not only to our Annual Fund, that funds your club's projects, but also to PolioPlus. I hope you will continue to advocate for End Polio and generously give, as you have this year. For until polio is completely eradicated, it is only a plane ride away.

Many people have asked me about what is next for me. Since visiting India and participating in India's National Immunization Day (NID) last January, the fight to end polio has become personal to me. Seeing that this disease, for which there is no cure, ends has become my passion. I will advocate and continue fund-raising for EndPolio. David and I are visiting clubs, sharing a 30 minute presentation on our trip to India and the NID in which we participated. If your club would like for us to visit, we are happy to present; our only ask is that your club makes a contribution to PolioPlus. 

We started the year with a goal of each of our 73 clubs achieving 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. We ended with 53 clubs having achieved this outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations to the clubs who achieved 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club! And thank you for your generous support of our Rotary Foundation.

Our next opportunity to get together will be at Rotary University at Forsyth's Lanier Tech on Saturday, August 12. I hope you'll make plans to attend. With inspiring speakers, great food and fellowship, I promise it will be a day well spent.  Also, clubs who achieved the Presidential Citation will be recognized along with those clubs who had greatest gains in membership. With the year's final giving to The Rotary Foundation not in until today's end, we will also recognize those clubs with the greatest per capita giving. Club presidents were encouraged to keep up with their club's service hours and the club's financial impact on its community this Rotary year online at Rotary Club Central. It will be exciting to see our district's impact in hours and dollars.

I appreciate the opportunity I have had to serve this beloved district in the Centennial year of our Rotary Foundation. My life is richer as a result of this journey.  Thank you for all you have done this year in Rotary Serving Humanity. Let's continue with District Governor David Cooper, Making a Difference.

Yours in Rotary,

Kim Waters
District Governor

Thursday, June 1, 2017

District 6910 Governor Message - May/June 2017

In just a few days, we will welcome the world to Atlanta with one of the biggest and best Rotary conventions ever. We now have 688 registered from Rotary District 6910. It is not too late for you to join in on the fun, inspiring speakers, and fellowship. Learn more here.

We have so much to celebrate in reflecting on the past year of Rotary Serving Humanity and 100 years of doing good in the world through our Rotary Foundation. To date, we in District 6910 have had a record year of giving to The Rotary Foundation. We are approaching an outright giving total of $1 million with $974,444 on the books as of today. Thank you for your generous gifts this year. With another month left, I think we could top $1 million. If you haven't recently made a contribution to The Rotary Foundation, please consider doing it today. The good we do is fueled by what we give. Give by clicking here. Not only will we be celebrating our gifts of outright cash, but we will celebrate the bequest gifts that made the Million Dollar Dinner possible with Rotary International President John Germ.

Our increased giving was due in large part to so many clubs becoming 100% Paul Harris Fellow Clubs this year. Congratulations and thank you to the clubs in District 6910 who have accomplished this outstanding achievement.

District Assembly on May 13 was a wonderful event with outstanding clubs and individuals in Rotary District 6910 receiving awards and recognition. Each district governor establishes guidelines as suggestions for clubs to operate most effectively. Each of these guidelines has points for accomplishments made throughout the year in the areas of The Rotary Foundation, Club Administration, Leadership, Membership, Public Image, Service, International Service, Vocational Service, Youth Service and Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP). These goals and guidelines typically reflect the goals of the Rotary International President. Clubs compete with one another in achieving points to become Club of the Year in each category of club - Small (2-29 members); Medium (30-59 members); Large (60-90 members) and Extra Large (91+ members). In years past, these were awarded at District Conference. This year, awards and recognition took place at district assembly on May 13. 

Congratulations to our outstanding Clubs of the Year! 

Clubs were recognized as top per capita giving clubs.

We have never seen this number of new major donors in any given Rotary year in District 6910. Again, thank you for your generous giving.


The District Service Award was created to recognize Rotarians' efforts to serve humanity and work toward world understanding and peace through The Rotary Foundation's programs.  The following Rotarians received District Service Awards:

  • Kay Lawrence - Rotary Club of Jasper
  • Pauline Shannon - Rotary Club of Gwinnett Mosaic
  • Jason Chandler - Rotary Club of Gwinnett Mosaic
  • Michele Hester - Rotary Club of Dawson County
  • Barbara Fisher - Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties
  • Tina Fischlin - Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties
The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service recognizes individual Rotarians who have demonstrated outstanding active service to The Rotary Foundation for more than one year.  Rotarian Al Hombroek of The Rotary Club of Lawrenceville received The Rotary Foundation Citation for Meritorious Service.

Twenty-four clubs participated in Rotary Has Heart programs in February, food projects in their local communities. The Rotary Club of Canton won the Zone 34 Rotary Has Heart Competition for its ongoing comprehensive project addressing many needs, including those who are food insecure.

The following clubs received Rotary Zone 34 Public Image Citations for outstanding achievements in the area of public image and communications. Congratulations on this achievement!
  • Rotary Club of Canton (President Matthew Thomas)
  • Rotary Club of Cherokee County (President Michael Johnson)
  • Rotary Club of Dahlonega Sunrise (President Guy LaBoa)
  • Rotary Club of Franklin County (President Candy Rhoades)
  • Rotary Club of Gainesville (President Mike Giles)
  • Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties (President Reid Conklin)
  • Rotary Club of Gwinnett County (President Karen Saltiel)
  • Rotary Club of Jasper (President Kay Lawrence)
  • Rotary Club of Martinez-Evans (President Joe Huff)
  • Rotary Club of Peachtree Corners (President Robert Mann)
  • Rotary Club of South Gwinnett County (President Rich Panyik)
Club Presidents have until the end of June to get accomplishments in at Rotary Club Central for Rotary International President John Germ's Presidential Citation. Clubs were recognized who had achieved this outstanding accomplishment.  These are the top performing clubs in Rotary District 6910, according to the criteria set forth by President John Germ.

Membership remains the number one internal goal in Rotary. Clubs who have made outstanding achievements in membership growth were recognized.

The Rotary District 6910 Guardian of Ethics Award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions in his or her vocation and who has by his or her actions, writing, policies and public pronouncements strengthened and fostered development of ethical practices. The Guardian of Ethics Award was named for Robert "Bob" Stubbs of The Rotary Club of Canton, and was established to promote ideals of ethics. This club and district level vocational award identifies a Rotarian who exemplifies the attributes and passion for ethics in his or her vocation, business and personal life that Bob Stubbs so exemplified. Dennis Still of The Rotary Club of Braselton received the Guardian of Ethics Bob Stubbs Award. He is the first Rotarian to have received both the W. Lee Arrendale Award for Vocational Excellence and The Guardian of Ethics Award.

The Rotary District 6910 W. Lee Arrendale Vocational Excellence Award was named for Lee Arrendale, a leader in the poultry industry. He was a charter member of The Rotary Club of Habersham County.  This recipient is recognized for excellence in his or her vocation, achievements in the community and academic achievements.  This year's W. Lee Arrendale Vocational Excellence Award was present to Tommy Bagwell of The Rotary Club of Forsyth County.  Tommy served as the club's charter president in 1975.

The Club Builder Award recognizes Rotarians who have made a significant impact in supporting and strengthening their Rotary clubs. Club Builder Awards were presented to:

  • Marion Butler - Rotary Club of Oconee County, President
  • Hans Meier - Rotary Club of Lanier-Forsyth, Incoming Asst. Governor
  • Peter Gleichman - Rotary Club of Canton, Past Asst. Governor
  • Kay Lawrence - Rotary Club of Jasper, President
  • Paul Maney - Rotary Club of Braselton, Membership Chair
Rotary District 6910 officially became a Peace Building District in 2016-17. In its inaugural year as a peace building district, four clubs were recognized as peace building clubs for having submitted a peace project with at least one member joining The Rotarian Action Group for Peace.

The most highly effective clubs were those achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze Level Recognition for Club Awards Points. Gold Level clubs achieved 80% of total club awards points possible; Silver Level clubs achieved at least 75% of total points possible and Bronze Level clubs achieved 65% of total points possible.

Governor's Leadership Awards are presented at the district governor's discretion to Rotarians who exemplify outstanding leadership and hard work. A club president and assistant governor were recognized this year for outstanding leadership and work toward achieving a polio-free world and strengthening their Rotary clubs. Thank you, Bobby and Rebecca!

The Rotary International Significant Achievement Award recognizes outstanding club projects addressing a need or problem in the community. In an average year, approximately 200 clubs out of over 34,000 receive this prestigious award. The Rotary Club of Covington received this award for their Empty Stocking project. 

Rotary's highest honor, the Service Above Self award recognizes up to 150 Rotarians each year who demonstrate their commitment to helping others by volunteering their time and talents. Peter Gleichman, Past Assistant Governor of the Rotary Club of Canton, was one of only 117 Rotarians in the world to receive this prestigious award. Congratulations, Peter, on this well deserved honor!

I want to offer a heart felt thank you to all club presidents who worked so hard this year. Our Rotarians in Rotary District 6910 have truly exemplified Rotary Serving Humanity and it has been an honor to serve alongside you. I also thank District 6910 Assistant Governors and the whole leadership team for a year of outstanding 'service above self.'  

Yours in Rotary Service,

Kim Waters
Rotary District 6910 Governor