Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Georgia Rotary Student Program (GRSP)

This past May completed our 70th class of international students that came to Georgia for one (1) year of college studies. Yes, you read correctly that is 70 years that GRSP has been in existence, and with this 70th class we have just crossed over the 3500 mark in total alumni. Likely by the time you read this information, the 71st class will have arrived. I think this is a major achievement by Georgia Rotarians – there is no other program in the Rotary world like it, and you are to be commended for your involvement of time and money. Through the time and resources of Georgia Rotarians like you, we in the leadership arena feel that we are indeed spreading ‘Peace through Understanding’ – there may be no greater time in our history where this is more important than now.

The 2016-2017 class will consist of 51 students, 36 females and 15 males, from 17 different countries attending 24 different schools throughout the state. District 6910 will host 19 of the total students, and has 62 out of 73 clubs participating by sponsoring a student out right or sharing with other club/s (an astounding 85% participation rate). The class of 2016-2017 is in for a very exciting year – beginning with the annual GRSP Conclave and concluding with the first ever GRSP Alumni Reunion.

The GRSP Conclave is being held on the Augusta University campus August 26th-28th, all students must attend the Conclave. It is their first opportunity to meet one another and spend a little time with each other, they will hear about Rotary and they will hear what is expected of them during their year, as well as what they can expect from us. On Saturday morning, GRSP Host families are encouraged to come for training and be involved in Q&A session. On Saturday evening, after we have all had a nice meal, the students put on a Cabaret for both student and Rotarian enjoyment. The Cabaret is always a big hit at Conclave. If you have never been to a Conclave I encourage you come, at least come for the Saturday evening meal and Cabaret – in years past we have had 300 to 400 attendees. Please go to www.GRSP.org to register.  There is no registration fee, but there is a cost for the meal and a reservation is necessary. Also on the GRSP website is a link to a couple hotels in the Augusta area where you will receive a discount if you would like to spend the night. At the end of the school year, June 10th-14th, 2017 will be the first ever GRSP Alumni Reunion where all 3500 prior class members will be invited. The reunion will be going on at the same time as the Rotary International Convention – evening events are planned for June 10th at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the 13th at the Fabulous Fox Theatre.

We don’t know how many to expect from the prior 70 classes (71 classes by May of next year), but we hope that as many that can will come take part. A lot will be going on in downtown Atlanta during this time frame and we want our Alumni and GRSP supporters to come be a part of all of it.  Please go to  www.GRSP.orgor more information.

There are many other activities that are planned for the 2016-2017 class, ask a student or your Trustee about them.

“Peace is Possible” and through GRSP let’s all promote international goodwill through friendship and understanding.

By Al Hombroek, District 6910 GRSP Chair

70th GRSP Class ~ RY 2015-2016

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