Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Rotary District 6910 Governor Message - Nov 2016

In November, we not only focus on The Rotary Foundation as a theme, we focus on gratitude. We have so much for which to be thankful. I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve as your District Governor in this year in which we celebrate our Rotary Foundation's Centennial and its accomplishments all year long. 

I hope that your club is celebrating the Centennial and that you have had a special program on The Rotary Foundation in November. If your club hasn't decided on how best to celebrate the Centennial, here are some ideas. Many of you have heard me talk about this video, A Century of Doing Good.  A brief summary of all our Rotary Foundation has done over the past 100 years, I think it's one of Rotary's best. 

If you haven't yet registered for the Rotary International Convention to be held 10-14 June 2017, please register today. If you register by 15 December, you'll still receive the special early registration discount of $340. There are many convention events that you will not want to miss. And we have the opportunity to show the world our southern hospitality as volunteers.

In honor of The Rotary Foundation's Centennial, we are working toward raising $300 million this Rotary year. Many in Rotary District 6910 have made special gifts, in honor of and commemorating our Centennial. Not only did we recently receive our first Arch Klumph Society gift (story here), we have received a number of other special gifts and bequests to The Rotary Foundation. Please consider a special gift to The Rotary Foundation in your year-end planning. Your gift not only helps us achieve this goal, it helps to ensure another century of doing good in the world. If you'd like to be a part of our Million Dollar Dinner with President John Germ as the keynote speaker, an outright or bequest gift of at least $10,000 will secure you an invitation. I thank you for your ongoing support of our Rotary Foundation and for your consideration in future giving.

For a look at one example of a project recently funded by our Rotary Foundation, take a look at this video. Second language education was the focus of a Rotary Vocational Training Team Exchange between our Rotary District 6910 and District 1820 in Germany. A visit to Rotary Showcase will let you see the good work Rotary clubs are doing locally and globally. Thank you to Rotary 6910 clubs who have taken the time to ensure their good work is featured here on Rotary Showcase for the world to see. You can search by 'District' to see the good work that clubs in our district are doing. 

Congratulations to the newest clubs who have achieved 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. Here's the latest list of clubs who have achieved this outstanding recognition. If your club would like help as to how to achieve this level of recognition, please contact me or Bill St. Clair, our District Foundation Chair. The three districts in Georgia are all working to achieve 100% Paul Harris Fellow clubs in Georgia prior to the world coming to Atlanta in celebration of The Foundation's Centennial. 

At the bottom of this message, you'll find the approved verbiage for updates in our District 6910 Policy Manual that received recent preliminary approval by our District 6910 board. If no objections are filed by December 23, 2016, these changes will be brought again before the board for board enactment and approval at next board meeting.

I wish for you and your family a Happy and safe Thanksgiving.  Thank you for all you do.

Yours in Rotary,

District Governor

Changes to the District Policy Manual may be made by:
the board may make changes by motion of any board member at any called board meeting,
whether regular or special, provided that notice by publication to the clubs first occurs in the
district newsletter “Rotations” followed by a thirty (30) day grace period for clubs to comment
and/or object, and if no objections are filed with the Board at the end of the thirty (30) day grace
period, said grace period measured from date of publication of the District newsletter, then the
proposed change may then be enacted by the board. All proposed amendments to the District
Policy Manual shall be filed with the Board at least forty-five (45) days prior to a District
Conference or Board Meeting so that publication to the clubs may occur in a timely manner. In
the event that any provision of this Policy Manual is now or hereafter in conflict with any
requirements of Rotary International, the requirement of Rotary International shall prevail, and
this Policy Manual shall be deemed to be amended accordingly.
1. Annual District Assembly (previously referred to as LEADS) is now referred to as District
2. Reference to “Planning Guide for Effective Rotary Clubs” and “Club Failure to Function” is
removed from policy manual due to these goals and club ratings now being tracked at
Rotary Club Central.
3. District Trainer role is modified in Policy Manual to exclude that of any responsibility related
to Rotary Leadership Institute.
4. Rotary Foundation Seminar and Membership Development Seminar are currently referred to
individually. Recommend combining to a seminar that involves training and updates on
membership development, Rotary Foundation and Public Image with purposes of each
remaining same.
5. References and paragraph related to District 6910 PETS are removed from Policy Manual.
District 6910 Presidents-Elect to attend Georgia PETS.
6. Amend policy manual to reflect current Council on Legislation (COL) annual cycles and
amend the process electing the District 6910 COL representative to reflect that of Rotary
International being the Nominating Committee as the that committee responsible for
choosing the COL Representative from those qualified candidates proposed by the clubs.
7. Family of Rotary Committee responsibilities are removed from that of District Chaplain.
8. District Conference should be held at any time during the Rotary year.
9. Theme months in policy manual to be corrected to correspond with current Rotary theme
10. The Rotary Foundation Chair may serve two three year terms, renewing up to a 3 year term
after serving an initial term.
11. District Grants Allocation Committee to be a standing committee, to include District
Governor, District Governor-Elect, District Rotary Foundation Chair, and three committee
members of District Foundation Committee (recommended District Grant Chair, Vice-Chair
and District Grant Coordinator), and top two per capita giving clubs. Final decision as to
allocation to be District Governor’s.
12. Global Grant Allocation Committee to be a standing committee to include District
Governor, District Governor Elect and District Rotary Foundation Chair with final authority
being that of District Governor.
13. Delete references to Group Study Exchange and Ambassadorial Scholarships as those are
no longer Rotary Foundation supported programs.
14. Delete reference to “District Simplified Grants, Individual Grants and Health, Hunger and
Humanity Grants (3H).”
15. District Conference Chair to appoint a District Conference Treasurer to present District
Conference Budget to District Governor at least ninety (90) days preceding conference.

16. District 6910 “Rotarian Sponsor” Pin provisions are removed from Policy Manual

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