Sunday, September 10, 2017

District 6910 Governor Message-Sept 2017

Deep in our hearts is Texas 
As this is being written cleanup efforts are underway in Houston and the surrounding area. There are many ways we can help. Our support of ShelterBox is just one example of how District 6910 is demonstrating we are people of action. Many of our clubs support each year and have been for years.  ShelterBox has set up a Harvey Relief Fund. Mike Freeman, ShelterBox chair for the district, has confirmed 100% of donated funds to Harvey relief will go to the victims of hurricane Harvey.  Please visit the following link to make donations -

How do trees keep you in suspense?
I’ll tell you next month. It is time to start planning. I have asked that one tree be planted for each Rotarian in District 6910. This goal should be easily achievable at a relatively low cost. The entire community will benefit environmentally and financially from each tree.  There are many sources for obtaining trees, based upon the size and species selected, but the “Golden Rule” of tree planting is to choose the right tree for the right place. If your club would like some guidance with your planting project, visit the below website links and/or contact your local electric power provider, many of which offer free trees to be planted.  Additionally, we have speakers available who can provide a program to your club to assist you with your planning.  Please contact Doug Bolton for additional information at (  678-858-2080).

Rotary Means Business
Rotary Means Business encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them.

Rotary Means business is the newest fellowship in Rotary International. The RMB Fellowship provides an opportunity for all Rotarians to network on a global basis to enhance their businesses. 

We encourage any active Rotarian in good standing who is interested in doing business with other Rotarians to join Rotary Means Business Fellowship. 

You have to be odd to be #1

That’s right and District 6910 is not just odd, we are amazing! July 1st through August 31 we have generated the highest “net” member increase for our zone, a total of 53 members. For comparison, the next closest district has an increase of 32. Our goal is a 300 net increase on July 1, 2018. Every single Rotarian in this district is asked to do one thing…find at least one person that will make as good of a Rotarian as you.  
These are the newest members in the RC of Green and Putnam County. Pictured from left to right is Chuck Forbes, Beth Patrick, Kip Dominy, Donna Osborne and Jim Remington.

Yours in Rotary service,
David Cooper

District Governor

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